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Yes, we are aware that Nightbreed was indeed released by Ocean back in 1990… but that was the arcade game. Ocean had the licence to do two games, an Arcade and an RPG title. The arcade game got a release, but the RPG disappeared after initial mentions in the press.

The RPG game was being developed by Imagitec and was being overseen by Dave Whiteman who we think was the project manager. The only programmer name we have is the Amiga programmer who was Adrian Waterhouse. Music was being done by Barry Leitch, but this is not in HVSC unfortunately at the moment.

We got in touch with Dave Whiteman who mentioned that he had the music (Amiga and C64) on an Amiga floppy that he has been threatening to move to PC for some time. It is possible that the source code is on a 5mb Atari ST hard drive that has not been turned on since October ’89 when he left Imagitec. Its unsure if it still works. We are hopeful that Dave will have a sift through at some point and see what is left over.

The game was itself was pretty solid as a playable game with all the sub-systems and a few levels in place. It is not quite remembered why the game was scrapped, but most of the actual code was re-used to become Daemons Gate. The C64 code was actually ported over to the Lynx for the game, though it is unknown how much of the code survived from Nightbreed.

Additionally (Thanks to Romppainen), we find that in the end of the first Nightbreed game, there is a mention of a Nightbreed 2 sequel and to watch out for it. So there was plans – but was the flop of the Movie to blame?

So could this be a big finding for the future?.. We hope so…

We’ll keep you updated!…

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Barry Leitch, Dave Whiteman, Romppainen

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  1. Luca just told me who did reply, it was an ex-Iguana Entertainment person who worked on early, canned version of Turok II along with other canned titles such as:

    “Future Zone”, “Immortal Hockey” and a game based on the Tim Burton movie “Mars Attacks”….

    So should make for a good read when interview goes live.

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