Nightbreed RPG

1990 Ocean Software

Platforms: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC and Commodore 64

This was to be the last of a trilogy of Nightbreed games produced by Ocean Software in 1990 and produced by Imagitec, overseen by David Wightman. The game would utilize essentially the same engine as Times of Lore, which they developed on the Amiga. This means it is likely that Adrian Waterhouse and Julian Gardner were the developers, with Nigel Cook on graphics duty.

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However, earlier findings with the Commodore 64 version has established that Kristi Louise Herd was also working on the game, and Barry Leitch was behind the music. More details can be found at

The game was originally being called Cabal, based on the book by Clive Barker which was turned into the Nightbreed films. It would later be renamed to Nightbreed RPG, and the idea was that the RPG would be closer to the book than the film.

Controlled completely by mouse, like the first two games – there would be several missions which follow some of the film. You could control different characters in different missions. Each mission would be introduced by wonderful graphical screens.

Unfortunately, the flop of the film would put an end to the RPG title being completed and released. Eventually the C64 version of the game would be used as a basis for a new Atari Lynx game called Daemons Gate.

David Wightman has previously mentioned that he may have something of the game on old hard-drives, but just hasn’t had time to go through anything. We hope to prod again soon to see if something of this cool looking title can be saved.

With thanks to Ross Sillifant for the heads up and scans.


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