Operation Neptune

Dinamic Software

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A Dinamic Software game that never was. Operation Neptune was a game that was produced by Narciso Quintana, who back in 1987 wanted to work within the games industry.

He sent a music demo off to Dinamic, and had a response from company owner/president Victor Ruiz, who was interested in Narciso composing music and writing games for them.

To prove himself, Narciso started producing a fictitious game which would be named Operation Neptune. The graphics were sent over from Dinamic, and the music was composed by Narciso himself.

When about to get ready to work in Madrid, as Narciso was a minor, his parents did not give him permission to go – which lead to the contract with Dinamic being broken. It left Operation Neptune in limbo, and as the graphics were property of Dinamic, Narciso couldn’t finish the game.

Narciso later went to work for Topo Soft and was music composer for a number of titles such as The Black Crown at Mad Mix Games 2.

As for Operation Neptune – it only ever got as far as a simple test demo, with a score panel, enemies and a looping map. It has early promise, but there isn’t a huge amount to see so far and a lot more work was required to finish it off. The sprites were later re-used in Navy Moves.

However, thanks to Narciso, we have been able to add the demo to the archives, so you can see a glimpse of a Dinamic game that never was.

Contributions: Martin Inter, Dave Simmons, Narciso Quintana, Arcane

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OPERATION NEPTUNE, a demo to get a job.

Text from Narciso Quintana.

“In 1987, a young musician and programmer named Narciso Quintana decided that it was time to start working professionally in the videogame industry.

To do this, he programmed a musical demo called “MUSICAS 10” and sent it by post to the prestigious Spanish company: DINAMIC. A few days later Narciso received a call from the owner and president of the company “Victor Ruiz”. In that call, Victor told Narciso that he had really liked the musical demo received and that they were interested in hiring his services to program games and compose music for them.

To prove his worth with programming, Narciso programmed a demo of a fictitious game called: Operation Neptune. The graphics of that demo were sent by Dinamic and the music was composed by Narciso himself.

Everything was ready to go to work in Madrid, but as Narciso was a minor, his parents did not give him permission to go, considering the contract with Dinamic broken.

Despite this, Narciso did not abandon the idea of ​​working for the video game industry, and months later he would sign for Dinamic’s rival company: “Topo Soft” to be Topo’s music composer in the titles: Zone 0, Desperado 2, Luigi Spaguetti, Tour 91, The Black Crown and Mad Mix Games 2.

The demo that I programmed was always a secret between Dinamic and me. Also, since the sprites were the property of Dinamic, I couldn’t finish the game without their permission. Therefore, the game Operation Neptune, was forgotten.”

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