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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

An interesting looking title which looks a lot like Dicky’s Diamonds, but was a US based release that was going to be on cartridge back in early 1984.

The game was reviewed by Electronic Fun with Computers and Games magazine, January 1984 and you must free jewels from a series of progressively harder spider webs.

We know at least that the game was complete due to the review, so was it actually ever released at all? Maybe in limited numbers?

Early days, but we hope to find something of this game soon!

Contributions: Dan Warren

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3 Responses to Ophir

  1. Released by Arcade64 I see, it may well have come out but just not found yet. I hadn’t heard of Arcade64 until acquiring the cartridge Terrain several years back. Useful to know!

    • Hopefully you’ll get hold of it one day – can’t find anything in the usual archives, so its going to be really obscure this one if it was released.

      • No one had heard of Terrain either until the cartridge came up for sale back in 2013 heh. I went and checked, didn’t think it was seven years ago. So yes, hoping it pops up one day.

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