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The Steam Powered Computer Company

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A short entry for a series of titles by The Steam Powered Computer Company which were highlighted by contributor Dan Warren.

At present, the only game by the company in the archives is The Inheritance, which was released in 1985 by the company. The advert shown here was from August 1984, which suggests that these games were released and it wasn’t a case of the company disappearing before they could sneak out.

It seems the games were only sold by mail-order, so they may have sold very limited numbers overall. The titles in the advert were as follows:

  • 42 Camelot Close – Graphic text adventure
  • Trolls Cavern – Animated adventure
  • Holocaust – War game
  • Tycoon – Strategy game
  • Copter Run / Zaphon Attack – Double pack arcade action.
  • Mouse Muddle / Nine Lives – Double pack educational games.

All the games were listed as having “Rocket” express loading, and other games listed as coming soon were:

  • The Cure – 1000 location text adventure
  • Siege – Battle simulation
  • Neptunes Lair – Underwater adventure

How many of these games actually made it out, and can you help us preserve them?

Contributions: Dan Warren

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