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Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A very early game from Jason Kelk, ex-editor of Commodore Zone, and also the main man behind Cosine Systems.

Orbyt is a creation from Jason’s early days as a programmer, and is a unfinished game which was to involve using spinning defence devices as in Delta.

The preview is in its very early stages, lacking a lot of the features planned and any music. Currently the preview represents a horizontal scrolling equivilant of another early game of Jason’s called "Hyper Zap".

It’s not quite known why the game was never completed, but hopefully Jason will shed some more light in the near future.

Nothing too special.. but early stages and early days here…

Contributions: Jason Kelk

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Jason Kelk speaks to GTW about work on Orbyt (Extracted from Cosine site)...

"The original idea for Orbyt was sort of evolved from the spinning "defense" weapons from games like Delta, except that I wanted to make it the primary weapon.

What you can download and play here is a very early preview of the game, the source is based on
HyperZap and modified to run sideways. This preview was from the very first stages of development and
therefore lacks a lot of the niceties, like raster timing, backgrounds and sound."

Jason Kelk .

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