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Another quickie – whilst hunting through some disks from Andrew Morris, we found a sprite set which contained the planets from Mega Apocalypse, and a very simple ship. Additionally there were sprites with Video Images Software text made out of them.

It seems to be a set of mockup sprites for a game that never quite made it – but we need to get more information.

As there is very little to go on at the moment, the only hope we have is that we learn about any other Video Images / Impact games which were in production and make the connection – or someone happens to come across the screenshot and recognise the single ship sprite.

Sadly neither Dave Colley or Dean Hickingbottom recalled anything about the game – but suggested that Andrew Morris may have inherited the sprites somehow. Dave recalls speaking with Andrew at somepoint – so it may have been a very early abandoned game.

Still more to find out maybe!

Contributions: Andrew Morris, Dave Colley, Dean Hickingbottom

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Creator speaks

Dave Colley attempts to recall what this game was:

“I remember Andrew Morris. I also remember a discussion about creating a shoot em up inspired by the graphics in IO. (Bob Stephenson if I recall).

I think we went through the process of coming up with some mad game names as usual but I don’t think anything was settled. I remember talking to Crowther at one point about doing some work with us which he was up for but wary due to being employed at that time! He’s now working at EA and doing a bloody good job for them.”

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