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A bit of a shock finding from Visualize Software late in 2004..

Upon digging out some disks, Kenz stumbled across some demos by Jon Wells, which included this interesting little preview called “Parallax Preview”.

This was thought to have been a working name to start with, as the game is at a very very early stage, and features a simple ship over a parallax landscape.

The demo seemed to have been the testing ground for another new Jon Wells title, following along the lines of his ex-collegue Paul and his Deadline title.

The preview just features the scrolling landscape, and a ship that can go in both directions. Music from Last Ninja 3 accompanies the game just as a test. It’s nice in its own way, but it’s no Solar Jetman. (Nor Daffy Duck for that matter :) )

Jon has recently confirmed to us that this was infact a test routine which would have actually turned into a game at some point. So really we don’t have a game as such for this entry, but the beginnings of a game that just never got concieved. There is no more to find of this game this means.

So for interest value, take a peek at something you never knew about until now from Visualize…

Case closed…

Contributions: Jason Mackenzie, Jon Wells

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