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Well, it could and maybe it should have happened… but Parallax was due a sequel from the Sensible Software boys, and certainly this was very much on the cards.

The previous game was left rather open at the end once you had completed it. It never really had a ending to it, like the game was "to be continued" or something along them lines.

In a Zzap Sensible Software Interview, Chris Yates talked about Parallax and the possibility of the sequel…

"The reason we left Parallax open is because of the option of Parallax II. You hyperspace to earth, but it’s a multi-earthable hyperspace – we’re into that. We could do another bit, where on your way back to earth you investigate another alien planet… accidentally."

Gary Penn: "So you will do another Parallax?"

Chris Yates: "It’s on the board at the moment, but it will depend on how well Parallax was received. If people still remember it in a few months’ time then I suppose so…"

Well, as we all know, the game was definately well recieved, but the project never materialized. It seems that Wizball took precidence, and by the time this was complete… Parallax was long forgotten about.

We assume that pretty much nothing was ever created for the sequel. The ideas were all which existed, and probably are all of what made up Chris Yate’s words when questioned.

Craig Grannell recently spoke to Jon Hare who had the following to say…

Craig: "Were there any plans for a sequel? I remember reading about tentative plans at the time."

Jon Hare: "I really don’t remember anything about Parallax 2, so they were extremely tentative plans! We were pretty much into Wizball right after Parallax."

Craig: "So ‘tentative’ as in ‘putting a number after ‘Parallax’, then?"

Jon: "Pretty much!"

So unfortunately this looks like a closed case and nothing to find…

Contributions: Craig Grannell

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