People from Sirius

U.S. Gold

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

People from Sirius was to be an arcade adventure game released by U.S. Gold back in 1987, after Mauro Spagnolo submitted a title to John Holder of Leader Distribuzioni.

The game would eventually see release via Your Sinclair magazine as a promotional release, as well as a release in Spain under the Topo Soft label.

It was suggested in Commodore Gazette (1987) that a C64 and Amstrad conversion would be following the early release on ZX Spectrum and MSX, but it was never to be.

After the game was released on Your Sinclair, the C64/CPC editions disappeared without a trace. At this stage, we are not certain what happened exactly, or even if the conversions were ever started.

Is it possible that Topo Soft worked on a conversion? Perhaps Jesús Miguel Medina was the developer? (who would code Mad Mix Game a year later).

Thanks to a comment on Mauro’s Spectrum games from a friend of Mauro, it was confirmed that Mauro never did C64 or CPC conversions, as he had no 6502 skills or a way to transfer the game to CPC. Because the ZX Spectrum game was leaked, US Gold never published it and it was instead released by Topo Soft in Spain only. Apparently the Topo Soft release had bugs in it, which have been fixed and a new version is to be released soon.

Sadly it seems a C64 game may not have ever been started by anyone but if you know anything more – please do get in touch! With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni and also Andrea Pachetti for his article on on Mauro’s Spectrum games.

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni, Andrea Pachetti, Outsoft

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16/01/24 – Quick update about programmer and possibility of a C64 conversion.

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