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A short entry for a Commodore MAX title that was proposed, but never finished and released.

Cosmax would have you destroying extra terrestrials as you scroll across the screen in a mountainous terrain. E.T’s attack two from the front and one from the rear, with each E.T. having a different attack speed and where they will attempt to kamikaze the player.

The player will need to destroy the E.T.s by avoiding their attempts to collide and fire missiles at them.

The game was projected to be 4K in size. It isn’t known at this stage if the game was ever actually started or not.

Anders Carlsson confirms the game was developed by Jeff Bruette, but that Jeff could not remember much about the game.

If you know anything more, please do get in touch!

Contributions: Anders Carlsson, Michael Tomczyk,, Commodore International Historical Society

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23/10/22 – Credit updates

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