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An interesting entry which ties in quite nicely with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by the same company. Plan 9 from Outer Space was to be based on one of those old really cheesy sci-fi movies which came out in the beginning (With hub caps on strings used for UFO’s etc), and along with Attack of the Mutant Tomatoes, this was to be a bit of fun making against the old franchises.

The Tomato game was never released unfortunately along with this game too.

Now this was briefly mentioned as a possible release after “Attack of the Mutant Tomatoes” and “Attack of the Mushroom People”, which were to be the first two in the series. This I guess would have followed the series as another game had the first two been successful and were released.

Of course, with neither of the two main titles getting released, it is very unlikely anything was ever started… it’s most likely to have been an idea that floated around, though it was planned and hence gets an entry for archival purposes.

Thanks to contributor Fever in the comments, it has been highlighted that Plan 9 Outer Space was by director Ed Wood (who Tim Burton had made a biopic of back in the 1990s starring Johnny Depp). The game eventually got a completely separate licensed release by Gremlin Graphics for the Amiga, ST and PC in 1992.

No doubt this game was very different, but of course still based on the same source material! We hope to find out more soon about this particular version though in time.

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09/10/23 – Details about a later adaptation that was done by Gremlin Graphics.

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  1. It was a film by notoriously enthusiastic but talentless cult director Ed Wood, who Tim Burton made a biopic of back in the 90s, starring Johnny Depp as Wood

    It did eventually get a game by Gremlin Graphic for Amiga, ST and PC in 1992, no doubt completely unrelated to this project (other than being based on the same source material, obviously)

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