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An interesting game based on the Playboy magazine, which was being developed by Wijo Koek and John Vanderaart for Radarsoft back in 1987.

The game was believed to have been a kind of business simulator, where you must try and get a very beautiful and ambitious bunny girl onto the centerfold of Playboy.  A game described as one which combines skill with style.

Sadly the game was never completed – though a demo was released with music by Jeroen Kimmel and has been doing the rounds for some time.  It looks pretty good overall.

This is all we currently know about the game, though sadly John is believed not to have kept any of his work.  Possibly Wijo Koek may know more or have some more of the game, but we’ll have to watch this space!

Try pressing F8 in the meantime 😉

Contributions: Paul Koller, Dottyflowers

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    1. Luca/FIRE says:

      Why F8 only, if there’s a choice of 8 function keys overall? 😉

    2. dottyflowers says:

      Try pressing F8 😉

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