Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Now this is a big shame…. sadly, this game was infact fully completed and even reviewed by the top C64 magazines at the time.

The game was planned for Cartridge release, to allow for instantaeous action and plenty of graphical backdrops and busy title screens. The game was developed for Ocean by Twilight Software, with music by Sonic Graffiti.

There originally was a rumour that the game was stolen from Ocean, and launched onto the cracking scene. However the game was infact borrowed and forgotten to be put back and after leaving Ocean, several months later the game was leaked. The game itself had already been scrapped and was in a “crap” disk box. The game itself seems pretty good, so I cannot understand why Ocean did not release it at all. Stuart Cook might know the answer better.

The download shows a lot of loading, which indicates that the game was infact built for cartridge. Some people on the C64 scene have confirmed this with the memory layouts matching Ocean cartridges. The loading occurs between title screen and demo. The game however was cracked from disk and not cartridge. It is not known if a cartridge was actually produced or not, Paul Hughes apparently left before the game could have been built.

Graphically the game looks good, and plays very well.. sadly the 2 player mode is missing from the original.

I’m not 100% sure if the game is fully completed as it goes on forever, with no end sequence it seems.

A unfortunate shame not to be released properly…

Contributions: Jazzcat

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