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This interesting game is best described as a Uridium style shoot’em’up and was to be published by CRL in 1988 but the game company went bankrupt.

The preview features some nice music and graphics, and i’m sure it would have recieved fair reviews in the magazines had CRL lasted long enough to sell the game.

Well, Jukka has released it at long last to the public…. and its a great classic feeling game. I just hope that Jukka can find the full game from somewhere, if it was ever finished.

For now, read what Jukka had to say about the game he did the graphics for in ‘Creator Speaks’.

Unfortunately not snapped up by another game’s company.

Contributions: Juha Kaki, Olli, Marq

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Juha Kaki speaks to GTW about work on Prizone…

“Note that Jukka Kauppinen just informed that Jugi (Jukka Kaartinen) released the game. Jukka Kauppinen is not the author of the game.

JK2 Design was a team effort between Juha KÁ¤ki (coding, design, sound effects) and “Jugi” Jukka Kaartinen (design, graphics, music).

We spent something like over two years developing the game, just to end up making a contract with a company (CRL) that went bankrupt soon after the publishing decision. This was a pretty strange project, since we didn’t have any previous experience in games development. For example graphics, sound and music engines were built from the scratch for just this one game.”

Update history

02/11/13 – Credit name fix thanks to Marq (see comments). Also added in Creator Speaks which got lost in translation it seems. Restored from web archive copy of page.

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