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Confirmed – finally! …. but Domark were indeed working on a C64 conversion of Prince of Persia. Who confirmed it?… Chris West. Who is now hoping to recover a copy to show to the world and said the following on Lemon 64:

“This looks fantastic, better than the version we did at Domark way back when. I had a version of this on my disks somewhere. I did just buy a 1541 to USB gadget so maybe it will show up if the disks are still readable and even the very nearly finished C64 version of Typhoon Thompson as well. Well done with a fab looking C64 game. ”

Chris by chance had seen the announcement of the C64 version release by MrSid and then stated how it was far far better than the version they were doing.

Domark’s version was to be made to run on a stock C64, but we believe that it was a target for the C64 GS.

In total there have been 3 attempts on converting Prince of Persia – one unofficial and two official. Including this entry, you can read about all 3 within GTW64. However, in late 2011 – Mr Sid completed an impressive unofficial conversion of the game in Easy Flash format which you can checkout here:

When speaking again with Chris in 2023, he suggested that actually the game had only got to a stage with his brother Tony doing some graphics. It suggests that if there was any code, there may not have been much at all.

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01/08/23 –  Quick update from Chris West.

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