Prince Valiant


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The Legend Of Prince Valiant was to be a platform game based on the cartoon series shown on BBC television in the early 90’s. Ocean bought the licence and had planned to do conversions across a series of platforms.

Commodore Power magazine confirmed a C64 version in issue 2, whilst various other platform magazines did the same.

Out of all the planned conversions (including a scrapped Amiga version), it seems only the NES and Gameboy versions made it out and was very well recieved in the end (On the NES at least, the GB version seemed to be more like Zelda). The game seemed like your typical platform affair with sniffs of a OP wolf style shooting sub section with a crossbow.

This was very close to the end of the C64’s life, so it would be easy to say that it was just too late… but the Amiga version fell a similiar fate, so what happened?…. Was it the same developer behind both versions, and did they both come out pretty crap?

We’re not sure just yet exactly what happened, but will be doing more research to find out just why – firstly by getting in touch with the Ocean guys to find out more.

Early days just yet…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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