The Magic Candle 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A fantastically recieved RPG was recieved by Zzap 64 when they reviewed the first game back in 1991, giving it 90%. The reviewer enjoyed the game very much and was looking forward to the sequel.

But what sequel?… Well, The Magic Candle 2 sadly never quite made it… but was it even started? We have to put an entry in for this game, as the reviewer could have known that Mindcraft were doing a sequel for the C64. A sequel there certainly was, but only for the PC in the end. Even the Amiga version never got released.

According to one online source, the Amiga version was cancelled early on… which we assume could have been the case with the C64 version too. We can understand why the C64 version may have been cancelled, as it would have been into 1992 and very late for the likes of Mindcraft or Microprose to release a C64 game. But the Amiga was getting at its peak and surely not releasing the sequel because the platform was aging would be a bad mistake?

Anyway, we know little more of the C64 conversion, as the first game’s Zzap review seems to be the only reference to the sequel. It may well be vapourware, but we have to be sure…

Do you know any more?…

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