Psycho Warrior


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

An early game featuring the early graphics of Martin Holland. This was mentioned breifly to me by Martin in an Interview, and it has been named a few times by other collegues of Martin’s… but this is it.

From what has been told, Psycho Warrior FMB was an OP Wolf style title which had a lot of *hidden* meaning in its title, with the FMB infamously standing for Fucking Mad Bastard. Just how they almost got away with that one is beyond me! :)

Anyway, sadly it is unknown about much of this game at the moment, though more light will hopefully be shed soon. It is known that the game spawned the idea of Psycho Glider FMB, and started its own series in a funny little way.

Strange though that neither game made it out in the end, quite possibly because Lothlorien went under before they could get released.

More research needed for this title, like who programmed it! :)

Contributions: Martin Holland, Lee Cawley

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