Robin Hood

Data House Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

A very quick entry, mainly as we have very little on this one – but in 1997 it was mentioned in a few fanzines at the time that a German software house named “Data house” were to release a Robin Hood game, alongside releases of Heavenbound and Flummi’s World.

We’re not sure if it ever happened, but we don’t recall ever seeing this Robin Hood game surface. Not sure exactly what type of game it was to be either.

Did it ever exist?…

Well, thanks to Marco Das, we can confirm that it did! The date on the game however is 1992, so it was released a lot earlier than the fanzine mention. Maybe they were planning to re-release it?

Anyway, the game is currently owned by someone on the Retro collector website. This then led to the Gamebase 64 entry which has existed all along! …

Very much case closed!

Contributions: Marco Das

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Update history

11/08/16 – Confirmation that the game existed.

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