Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A rolling demo of a classic 3D maze themed game, with a grid and a scanner (Possibly to help track down enemies in the finished game).

The game looks quite simplistic, like its other counterparts, and doesn’t seem to offer anything visually more than the other games. Maybe the scanner is an indication that there was to be a fighting element to the game aswell.

Sonically, the game is well catered for with a nice upbeat JCH tune banging away in the background.

In December 2010, Korodny got in touch with GTW and told us that Boris Mueller was behind the "game". We say "game", as it was more of a proof of concept. Boris had the following to summarise about things:

"Robotronix was nothing more than a proof of concept (sort of): Smooth movement inside a maze, using simple character based graphics.

Once that was working, some simple graphics (scanner etc.) and a ripped tune were tacked on for ‘showing off’ the whole thing. There never was any game concept or something like that."

So there we have it. What you see here is all that ever existed, and nothing was ever playable. A shame really, but another one we can close the case on :)

Case closed!

Contributions: Korodny

Supporting content

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