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We completely missed this great finding by Ken Van Mersbergen back last year on the Atari Age website.

Rockball was to be released way back in 1983 by a company called Roklan, and was a conversion of an arcade game that was also unreleased. An interview with Anthony Weber talks about the game here: 

However, we’re not sure yet if Anthony was the actual developer of the C64 version. The game was never released when Roklan collapsed before it could sneak out. The game itself is a kind of Asteroids clone, but with some nice little features that make it a little bit different than the usual clones.

Ken revealed that he found the game (along with Joust) in the archive of a retired programmer who worked at Roklan. Ken has very kindly provided a CRT image of the game to download, along with a photo of the cartridge that was preserved.

Check this great finding out for yourself and another piece of history preserved.

Contributions: Ken Van Mersbergen

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