PHM Pegasus – Advanced Battle Disk

Electronic Arts

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

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A short entry for a title which we know was released, but is yet to be fully preserved.

This was an expansion disk for PHM Pegasus by Electronic Arts, and was released back in 1987.ย  The expansion disk seems to have had limited sales and has rarely cropped up.

Thanks to contributor Non sono Mandrake, Dragon magazine #140 (December 1988) had a note to say that Lucasfilm plans to directly market a new Advanced Battle Disk.ย  As a result, i’ve updated the release date.

If you have a copy of the game, please get in touch and help us tick this one off the list.

Contributions: Non sono Mandrake

2 Responses to PHM Pegasus – Advanced Battle Disk

  1. Non sono Mandrake says:

    Probably released in 1988 or even 1989. “Dragon” magazine #140 (december 1988), page 78, still says that Lucasfilm “plans” to directly market a new Advanced Battle Disk

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