Rolling Ronny 2

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 0/5

A quick entry which can be quickly cleared up…

Rolling Ronny was a neat little platformer from 1991 which brings back some memories for myself in the days of buying Commodore Format. You basically controlled a clown on roller-skates who had to deliver parcels to make enough money to get the bus home.

Soon after the release of the first game, the sequel was mentioned to be in the pipeline, and Bones Park were again to be behind the game.

The game featured in Commodore Format’s “Time Scanner” for many months, before disappearing for good.

Thanks to Oliver Lindau, it can be confirmed that the game only got to the concept stages before it was cancelled. There was no plans for a C64 version at that time, most probably because the market was declining.

So really now this exists as an entry due to its constant reference in Commodore Format. And of course for completeness, we will include it as an entry with the story above to put down any chances of finding this non-existent game.

A shame it never materialised, so case closed…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Oliver Lindau

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