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Think Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy, and add some Roller Coasters and some bits of theme park, and you have what is essentially Roller Coaster by Elite. A brilliant little game which got rave reviews on the Spectrum and Amstrad, but the C64 yet again got left out.

Heavily advertised in all the magazines, and including the C64 in its design… we can safely confirm that a C64 conversion was being done… but how far did it get and why was it cancelled?

We have linked in S.Brocklehurst as the programmer, but he likely only did the Spectrum version. It could well have been someone else who did the C64 version, Neil A Bate perhaps?
It is possible that the developer hit problems, and as a result the game was heavily delayed and eventually cancelled.

It is a huge shame, as again it was very well recieved on the other platforms, and no doubt C64 users would have seen its scores and wanted a piece of the action. Well, there is still time… there could be a full game to find, but we’ve got a lot of researching to do!

Do you know anything about this conversion?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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