Sankara Stone


Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

A short entry for a title which was mentioned back in 2006 by Peter Sandén, but something I had completely forgot to add to the archive!

This was a Swedish graphic games adventure which was made just after the second Indiana Jones movie was released in 1985. The game was finished and was copy protected.

A friend of Peter at the time worked in a computer store which got a copy from the author (as they were friends). They got to borrow the disk as it couldn’t be copied – though Peter’s brother managed to copy it.

Sadly Peter and his brother sold their computer at the time, so the game was no longer thought to be in their possession. Peter could not recall who it was who wrote the game, but suggests he was probably from around the Malmö area. Peter at the time was to ask his brother more about the person who brought in the game, but sadly his brother passed away in 2012.

It was through sad circumstances that the game was found when Peter found a load of disks at his brother’s house. Whilst preserving, he found a disk containing the copy of Sankara Stone. As a result, he has preserved the disk, and with the help of Triad – the game has now been fully released and preserved. It was thanks to Peter’s brother that the game has been saved, and could have been the last remaining copy.

It is a cool adventure game, and well worth checking out! A shame it didn’t get a wider distribution! Check it out!

Contributions: Peter Sandén, Sailor/Triad, Bepp/Triad

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  1. No doubt that you’ll pick this up yourself soon enough but the game has surfaced through Triad. Great to have another Indy game on the c64.

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