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Sarge was to be a Capcom arcade conversion released on the C64 back in 1988.

Although advertised as on sale – the game never got to make it on the C64 for reasons unknown. The PC version did however surface.

What happened to the C64 conversion of this interesting title? Were there developer woes throughout or is the sales advert just a red herring?

Well, Maxmirni confirmed that a C64 version was indeed on its way – and even dug out another advert showing a C64 screenshot! So the game does indeed exist!

The game was being developed by Troy Lyndon’s company Pacific Dataworks International, but for reasons unknown, doesn’t seem to have ever got a proper release. In an interview, Troy suggests that the game should be on sale by the time that his interview was at press. Did it sneak out?

We got hold of Troy, and he was very surprised to learn that the game was never released – he thought it was! Troy was the original developer, before he gave the game to someone else to finish. He cannot recall who that was though.

The conversion was apparently just like the original and very faithful. But in terms of trying to find the game, Troy sadly couldn’t help – not having anything of the original game which could be preserved.

We now need to find out who this replacement programmer was. Let us know if you know any more about it!

Contributions: Maxmirni, Troy Lyndon

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Update history

  • 07/11/13 – Troy Lyndon sheds light on the game and confirms he no longer has it.
  • 23/09/13 – Added Sarge advert and screenshot, Troy Lyndon interview scans and updated main entry to reflect new Troy Lyndon information thanks to Maxmirni.
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    • It is Barbara, but that is the PC edition of the game. The C64 version would have been in the very same box, but the author confirms it was never finished or released sadly.

  1. I emailed Troy Lyndon regarding the c64 existence, but never heard back from him.,31916/
    team behind it:

    capcom 1988 sales brochure for their “disk pak” range:

    interesting magazine interview (page 58 on), Sarge in mentioned as possibly being on shelves page 101.

    pc version running:

    • Thanks Maxmirini!

      Great finding on the screenshot and other details. I will try and contact Troy and see if he can shed some light! Certainly looks like something was complete (or close!)

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