Shellshock 2

Beyond Belief

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This is no joke, but even though the first game failed to come out commercially through Beyond Belief, Alan Benson was content on making up for the failures of the first game and so began work on the sequel.

The game was to be a split screen 2 player Green Beret style game and according to Alan got to a 75% completion stage. The game was sadly abandonded as the interest in the C64 scene dwindled away to nothing.

Sadly there is nothing of the game from Alan, so its down to Craig Wight to see if he has anything of the game left over.

However, as with the first game, there is a rare MP3 recording of the SID music intented for the game, which can now be downloaded and listened to for the first time. The original SID however could be lost forever. Unless Craig or Nigel have anything of their original C64 disks.

More information required on this title, so hopefully more soon from Alan.

Is it possible to find this title ever again?

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