Earth 3

Antonios Grizis

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A new GTW which has plenty more to be added in the near future.This is a very promising platformer game with some very nice graphics.

At the moment nothing is much playable, and you’ll only be able to see the game running briefly with one screen. We don’t have much background of the game at the moment, but hope to find out more soon to do a more detailed writeup on the title and even get hold of some more graphics and pieces of the game to show people what might have been.

Also we don’t quite know why the game was never finished, it is possible that lack of time played a huge role in this game’s downfall, but lets await the developers views about this title. Antonios recently gave GTW some new shots of the game and bits and pieces, which we have added to the shots section. And recently in 2009 we can see a glimmer of more, as Antonios passed on a map of the game and a sketch of a guardian that was planned. This can be found in the scans section!… More will be coming soon!

Its been noted recently that the game seems to be based slighly on the old EGA based Duke Nukem games from the PC, however Antonios stated that he started designing the game in ’93 and didn’t know about Duke Nukem at the time, so any familiarites were purely co-incidental.

For now, check out the non-playable download and screenshots recently added to see for yourself….

Another obscure title in the archives to be solved…

Contributions: Antonios Grizis, Chris

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