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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A very very quick placeholder entry of sorts for a game briefly mentioned in an article with John Darnell by Martyn Carroll in Retro Gamer magazine.

In the article, John mentioned working on a game called “Sleepwalker” for Software Projects but the game was never fully released, although complete.

We know little about the game itself at the moment, but John has offered hope by recently finding a map of the game (printed on a dot-matrix printer and held together with sticky tape!) and also a disk, which *may* have the game on.

Sadly John has found that the disk doesn’t have much of the game on at all – but the game is now being redeveloped, as you can read here!…

Sleepwalker (C64) being re-developed!

In 2016, John managed to dig out a full map of the game – which is a glimpse of what could have been with the original game.

Could well be case closed soon indeed!

Contributions: Martyn Carroll

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  1. I worked @ Software Projects when John Darnell was working on Sleep Walker. My office was a couple of doors down from John. I remember seeing the game running on the C64, and I remember that the downloader system John was using kept blowing up the SIO or PIO chip in his C64.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for the shared memories! hopefully we’ll be seeing the game very soon, as John is planning to send it down to us to preserve.

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