Morris Meets The Bikers


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Our next entry into the depths of GTW64 comes possibly a title which was merely listed as a mistake. Automata were predominantly a Spectrum based company, with very little C64 output at all during the early 80’s.

Morris Meets The Bikers was a cute single screen platform based game which was released on the Spectrum and which received good reviews overall.

So how did a C64 version come to light? Well, in an issue of BigK magazine in 1984 – there was a large advert for Deus Ex Machina, which has the C64 version listed in its order form below. Was this indication that they had a version available, or merely a printing error? It is the only C64 option listed, so it seems an odd mistake to make.

We hope to find out more soon, but check out the scan for yourself – maybe there is something to find of a C64 version some day…

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