Slightly Spooky


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This game is one of the rumoured unreleased 22 Codemasters games which one day we hope to track down and bring to you, like Codemasters should have done a long time ago.

This game was to be the sequel to Slightly Magic by Colin Jones, which Ian Gray converted from the Spectrum version. We guess that the game would have pretty much been more of the same using the same engine.

The Spectrum entry at the World of Spectrum states that the game was a finished but unreleased game, only being finished on the Amiga. It is thought that part of the Spectrum game may have been started, but this needs confirming by Colin Jones.

For those who do not know, a story broke in the news pages of Commodore Scene (A popular C64 fanzine in the UK), that Codemasters were confirmed to have 22 unreleased games which were ready to be released, but Codemasters pulled out of the market before any could sneak out.

Some of these games are now known as Bee 52, Grell and Falla, CJ’s 4th… mainly because they have made it out. Others are speculated as CJ In Space and Wacky Pool… The others are a mystery, but rumours suggest they were a few games that Codemasters released on the NES multicarts.

Do you know any more about this game?…

Contributions: World of Spectrum

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