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Another good looking platform game, in its early stages.

Blockman is very similar to Bleep Boy which is also in the archives, and is built using the same engine, though cosmetically the game is completely different. Actually both games are based on an engine developed originally for Cave Wizard, which was done to prove that the C64 could handle Hi-res graphics without the colour clash like on a Spectrum.

The graphics are very Mayhem’esq, with a lot of colour and cool design. There is some sound, which seems to be distorted, so i’m not sure if this is just the emulator doing this.

The level is a little unfinished in the preview that we have, but this was all that was ever done. Sadly interest was lost, and the game was cancelled.

To find out more about how the game came about and what happened, check out the Creator Speaks page for Cave Wizard.

Sadly it is case closed for this one!

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    • Hi Jens-Christian. I think the credit is just for the music that might be in the preview, and they have probably just used one of your tunes that were already out there.

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