Sooty And Sweep 2

Alternative Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Originally we didn’t know a great deal about this game, only that it would have been the sequel to the released game and featured more from the popular series.

However, news has recently surfaced on the World of Spectrum about the sequel from Clockwize and confirmation of the conversions. Taken directly from the World of Spectrum entry, Dean Hickingbottom recalls…

“The ZX version was ported to the Amstrad CPC. There are also CBM64 and Atari 8 bit versions. This game was never released due to a dispute between Alternative and Clockwize.”

Nothing seems to have been mentioned in the likes of Commodore Format, like with Thomas The Tank Engine 2… so how far did the C64 version get?

The note from Dean seems to suggest just that and it was merely a dispute with Alternative that prevented the game from seeing the light of day… Could we therefore be eventually seeing a full version of this game?…

We could indeed – the game has been confirmed as being completed and a master disk produced and hopefully in the future it should see the light of day. The inlays were even produced, but sadly Dean doesn’t have any of them. Developer names have been confirmed also!

Sadly Alternative do not wish the game to go out, so we may have to just put screenshots up for now.   We also have learnt that there were actually two versions produced.  An earlier edition by Keith was not quite good enough, so it was redone by Dave and Dean.

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, World Of Spectrum, Dean Hickingbottom

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13/06/15 – Credit updates and news about potential findings

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