Spirit Of Adventure


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Thanks to Jan Harries for highlighting this one, but when Rob Hubbard was asked to list all of the tunes he produced on the C64 – he turned up a few which never actually saw release (The game included).

One such game was “Spirit of Adventure” and was to be released by Mastertronic and to include music by Rob. After searching around on the web, we found no trace or details about the game apart from a 1992 release on the Amiga by Starbyte, which no doubt will be a different game altogether.

It was confirmed in 2015 by Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard, that Spirit of Adventure turned into Phantom of the Asteroid, which was given away from Rob’s notes due to the inclusion of Martin Ellis’ name. Also … Phantom = Spirit? Geddit?? :)

Therefore, there is nothing to look for and it is very much thankfully a…

Case closed!

Contributions: Jan Harries

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06/04/15 – Confirmation that the game was in fact Phantom of the Asteroid.

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