Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Also known as: S.P.I.X

Quite early, and a poor mismatch of graphics and sound mixed into this preview. The game feels like a random set of graphics and sprites bolted together to make a quick game.

There doesn’t seem to be much about it, apart from a scrolling backdrop. I hope that someone did do a later version to do the game some justice, as this preview doesn’t.

Thanks to Mariusz Mlynski, we learn that Nicolas Stark was behind the game, as stated here: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=7508 . This is also a later version of the game which features a 2 player mode, logo and collisions.

It is hoped that we may get some info from Nicolas at some point in the future.

Needs a lot more work to be playable…

Contributions: Mariusz Mlynski

Supporting content

Available downloads

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