Star Fighter


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A promising sideways SEU, featuring some fair graphics and attackwaves.

Originally I heard of Parade’s game from the pages of Commodore Scene magazine, but as time passed, so did any sight of this game.

The game isn’t that bad, but isn’t quite in the same league as Armalyte or other space SEU’s. The game’s music has to go for a start, which doesn’t suit the game at all, maybe something a bit more upbeat.

It’s unknown why the game was never completed, it could have been due to the lack of financial support, or for whatever reason. It seemed many games were abandoned as work commitments, university or cracks occured unexpectidly.

Sadly, apart from Parade, there are no other credits which can be pinned to the game. Hopefully because of how recent the game is, it should be quite easy to track the people behind the game to find out more.

Not too bad a SEU…

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