Star Fortress

Power House

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Part of a series of Power House titles which never quite saw the light of day, or at least are not picked up in Gamebase 64.

Did this game ever get a release?

Certainly this title although mentioned in Zzap 64 September 1988, never actually got reviewed, but only mentioned briefly with a series of other Power House titles which were on the way.

Star Fortress was deemed another shoot ’em up, this time requiring the player to destroy the space fleet of the Birchon Empire then the emperor himself. This was all the information given out on this interesting title.

The quality of most Power House titles left a lot to be desired, and it is possible that this also would have been dire like many of their other games. But the curiousity is still there to find out exactly what it was like… Who knows?…

More research needed.. thats for certain!

Can it be found, or is it lost forever?…

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