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Thanks for the heads up from Jazzcat – Starfighter One was a game that was mentioned in Danish Magazine IC RUN Nov/Dec 1988.

It was briefly mentioned as being developed, from a newsletter from Starvision’s owner Ivan Sølvason.

Sadly there was no actual info about the games, so this is merely a placeholder until we get more information. Anonymous Contributor though found a note in mid-1987 in Danish magazine SOFT which suggested that the company was more or less going to be an Amiga company according to Sören Grönbech, the founder:

“In the future, Starvision will focus mostly on the Amiga, although we may produce an occasional 64 title every now and then. All our full-time programmers have bought Amigas, and we’re 100% devoted to it. Our first game, MACH, is for the 64, but the next one is Amiga-only. It is called Gigaball”. [NOTE: Gigaball was released as Giganoid]

So it is quite possible that Starfighter One was only an Amiga based title. In the meantime, do you know anything more?

Contributions: Jazzcat, Anonymous Contributor, Fever

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16/04/24 – Details from Anonymous Contributor, suggesting this may have just been an Amiga game, not C64.

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  1. Oop bit of a copy / paste error there
    “So it is quite possible that Super Pinball was only an Amiga based title. In the meantime, do you know anything more?”
    (should read “Starfighter One” obviously)

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