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Stellar 7 – not quite the same vector game which did see the light of day, but a sequel to Hades Nebula that was shelved fairly early on in it’s development after The Bitmap Brother released Xenon.

The reason? Well, Stellar 7 featured a spacecraft that could change into a tank and back again. Sound a little familiar to a game only just released?

The overall features of the sequel were deemed to similar to Xenon by the powers that be, and so the game was cancelled.

How far did it get? – We are not 100% sure, but we believe that the game was actually completed. It was thought that Mark Greenshields was behind the game, but he confirmed that he was not. So we now need to try and find out the proper developer for the game.

In the meantime, in December 2015 – we found some graphical remains which we believe are actually from the game – including one which shows what one of the levels could have looked like. Nothing to play sadly, but hopefully this may jog someone’s memory!

Then in 2020, Ned Langman pulled out a concept drawing for a platform level that was to be in the Hades Nebula sequel, possibly as a sub level of some kind. According to Ned, there was to be a twist in the game where you played the bad guy. A fallen Emperor Hades.

Concept artwork by Ned Langman.

For this level, they wanted the game play to be like a mixture of Rygar and Shaolin’s Road. The idea was canned with work moved onto Duel, and was probably also as a result of the Xenon resemblances for the shooter part too.

One we hope to find a lot more out about soon!…

Contributions: Darren Melbourne, Mark Greenshields

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Update history

  • 13/04/20 – Added concept art for what was to be a sub platform level.
  • 20/12/15 – Added what we believe to be screenshots of the actual game!
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