Stoo Fotheringham art assets

Stuart Fotheringham

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A short entry to pull together a series of various art assets by Stuart (Stoo) Fotheringham, who did artwork for Software Projects and Denton Designs during his C64 days.

This interesting selection of images has been around for sometime and right under our nose all along. The disks were recovered as part of a set of auctioned Megatree disks that Stoo once sold for charity, eventually released on a Retro Gamer magazine cover mount way back around 2005/2006 time.

I re-dug out the disk images recently and decided to look through and found a number of images that hadn’t been properly shown off. This includes a number of Software Project loading screens which don’t seem to have been used. It was Heebie Jeebies which caught my eye in particular, because of the entry we have on the game.

There are also some early Mission A.D graphics and what seems to be a very early proof of concept for Fox Fights Back.

You can either download the source images below, or check out the gallery images.

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