Super Scramble

Mushroom Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Skramble

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Yet another obscure game, this time by an obscure company called “Mushroom”… Who I don’t think lasted particularly long.

As you can guess, Super Scramble is a clone of Scramble and according to the review in Home Computer Weekly, it was pretty good!

According to the review, the design was excellent, with smooth scrolling and nicely animated radar scanners and rocket exhaust. The music was apparently an appalling version of Paint it Black and the only way to turn if on and off was to shoot/bomb musical notes scattered around.

Well, it never surfaced… but the musical description rang a bell (The toggling via the musical notes) and sure enough Rabbit Software’s version of Skramble did this. But the music in this version is from Star Wars.

So was the Mushroom release actually a pirate of the Rabbit Software game?…  Well it seems it was trying, as the advert from Mushroom Software states that Nigel Rowlan was the coder, and it was indeed him who did Rabbit’s version.  So now we know that we’re looking for a variant of the game!  Can you help us find it?

Have you seen or heard of this game?

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