Super Starforce


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An interesting version of Starforce, or so it seemed. X-Ample did both Starforce and Mega Starforce, with the later being released in 1993. This demo from 1994 seems to be a clone attempt of some sort.

Super Starforce is basically an Invaders clone, updated with nice graphics and extras. You could say that this is a Mega Starforce clone rather than an Invaders one directly.

Having a similiar look to the X-Ample games, Super Starforce features some nice samples for the sound effects, a nice backdrop and sprites. Its quite playable too, though not quite as polished as the X-Ample titles.

It’s unknown why this version never made it, maybe the samples made it difficult and there were problems with the code. What is interesting is that The Airwolf Team (Which Stefan was part of) released a proper remix edition of Mega Starforce –

It seems that this game was cancelled after not quite working out, and so the guys remixed X-Ample’s game instead. We will need confirmation on this and why all of this was done etc..

Stefan Gutsch confirmed to GTW that he did the graphics and code. The game was never completed, and Stefan believed the game was rubbish. He has a version with a end of level boss, which hopefully GTW will be able to let you see someday…

Just to conclude – apologies to Seven for mislaying his original corrections to this review (After we mistakingly suggested that this was the prequel to Mega Starforce). All should be corrected now.

Nice blasting Sfx sadly never heard in a full version…

Contributions: Stefan Gutsch, Seven/Digital Excess

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