Suzuka GP


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: Suzuka GP World Rally

Another coin-op conversion by the arcade conversion masters, Elite.

This was to be a conversion of the popular arcade game, and was an ambitious one to do at that.

Sadly although mentioned (albeit briefly) in Commodore Format, the game never got heard of again and it slowly disappeared out of thought.

Just how far the game got, we don’t quite know. It may have been cancelled early on, as Elite seemed to have stopped all 8-bit production into 1991 apart from work on the NES.

Hopefully we can find some information soon about this conversion, as Elite are still going strong and maybe Steve Wilcox will know more

More research needed…

Contributions: Ross Sillifant

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29/12/16 – Scan added thanks to Ross Sillifant

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