Sword Of The Samurai

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Sword of the Samurai was based on a Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson. Two earlier books – Rebel Planet and Temple of Terror – had already been published as text/graphic adventures, and so this would probably have used the same game engine.

Adventure Soft were responsible for the games that were published, with the programmers for Temple of Terror listed in Gamebase as Michael & Simon Woodroofe, and Stefan Ufnowski for Rebel Planet. (Kayleth was an original sci-fi adventure by husband and wife team Stefan and Ann Ufnowski, but it was not based on the gamebooks).

The game was advertised in magazines such as CVG in 1986, and was brought to GTW’s attention thanks to Lee Theasby who kindly provided the advert scan.

There is currently to knowledge, no information on the game and it seems it was not released on any home computer. There is a Wiki entry with a few details on the game, but nothing much more.

Also the game is missing on the ZX Spectrum, and apart from a few news mentions in the likes of Crash, nothing of the game ever surfaced, including any screenshots. Did the game even get started as a result?

So for the time being, this game remains a mystery and hopefully something will turn up very soon about this title. Dig your magazines out! :) … Maybe there IS a screenshot out there?

Additionally according to http://pdd.if-legends.org/ldp/bdp.html, the website suggests that TWO more Fighting Fantasy conversions were planned or were under way – Devils of the Deep (set in Atlantis) and Appointment with F.E.A.R (based around superheroes). Entries will follow for these two soon!

Does anyone know about this game or have any snippets of information?

Contributions: Lee Theasby, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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