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T-Wrecks was what eventually became The Muncher. Essentially a very large scrolling Rampage clone with a huge main dinosaur sprite with Godzilla references. It was a great little game and a lot of fun.

However, the game started out as T-Wrecks until a deal was made with a UK sweets company who produces Chewits.

T-Wrecks may have also been based on a Transformers character .. We are not completely sure just yet.

What happened to the original game though? And how different was it? Was it just a case of a different title or was there more?

More soon on this one we hope!

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni, Ross Sillifant

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    • ;) .. you know, recently I was talking about the new film Wreak It Ralph with Vinny Mainolfi, when he said that he’d never seen it, but had seen WRECK it Ralph! What can I say, I cannot spell! :) Anyway, fixed! Thanks Fabrizio!

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