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This game was the satire of British political life in the guise of a parody of The Hobbit.

It is rumoured that this game was unreleased because of poor sales of the game Denis Through the Drinking Glass by the same author.

Another rumour also is that it was withdrawn in the last moment because of the bombing of the Conservative party conference in Brighton where Norman Tebbit (who has lent his name to the game) was injured.

This latter reason seems to be the case, as in a December 1985 edition of C&VG (issue 50), the late Keith Campbell briefly interviewed Roger Taylor (one of the writers on the game), and he confirmed that it was withdrawn due to the Brighton bombings. We attach the scan within the gallery for you to read.

So was the game itself actually finished, and can it be saved? … We hope to track down Roger and see how far things got and if things have survived after all this time. The game most likely was written in The Quill.

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