Tears Of Rage

U.S. Gold

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Now, RPG’s aren’t normally my cup of tea… but anyway, this game was talked about briefly in issues of Commodore Format and Zzap 64 in the early 90’s, as an up and coming game from US-Gold. Nothing was much known about the game, until now..

Tears of Rage (Actually fully titled as “The Rain, My tears
of Rage” )was being programmed again by Esprit Software Programs, initially on 64 by Lance Mason & Paul Crawley & Mike Brown but was rumoured to have been binned because it was such an immense job to convert from ST/Amiga (it never really got beyond the initial visual stages).

The game however progressed quite well on the 16 bit machines but as usual, Esprit was running well over deadline & budget when it was finally cancelled by US gold.

It would have been an upgraded version on the “Pool of radiance” ad&d games which were popular at the time (1991).

Both Lance and Paul got in contact, and helped by giving their accounts, and they are available from the ‘Creators Speak’ pages.

Apparently the game’s engine blew away anything else that existed at the time. Unfortunately Esprit were not allowed to use the AD&D licence that US Gold had, and hence US Gold did not release the game.

It seems that the company behind Eye Of The Beholder were not happy with what they were seeing, and saw an engine which was to wipe the floor with theirs, so they used politics to prevent the game. The various landcape modes, sizes of combat scenes, the game was apparently way too advanced.

Unfortunately, US Gold were the only people to have all the source code for the game, and so chances of finding anything could be hard… But GTW will keep trying until there is no chance left.

A big game, one which could have marked a revolution…

Contributions: Lance Mason, Steven Day, Paul Crawley

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Lance Mason speaks to GTW about work on Tears Of Rage…

“As far as Tears Of Rage is concerned: Once again, no luck on the C64, although I have found almost all the material on the other formats (including a load of old LBM’s which you’re welcome to if you wish). We have no idea why SSI pulled out of this one, although hearsay (from USG) indicated that our engine blew away their existing one, which they’d hoped to get more mileage from… Who knows.”

Lance Mason .

Paul Crawley speaks to GTW about work on Tears Of Rage…

“Tears of Rage, the real title being “The Rain, My tears of Rage” was dropped by USGOLD, purly because of the AD&D contract they had with a US company that were releaseing AD&D titles at the time, I can’t remember there name but they also did “Eye of the Beholder”, This Company refused to allow us to use the AD&D licence, hence USGOLD didn’t release it, but trust me “Tears of Rage” and the Greyhawk world suffered greatly, heres and example, “Eye of the Beholder” was in a 64X64 Dungeon, we had 16 Dungeons that were the same size.

We had a combat mode that showed Dragons etc at FULL size and a town mode (16 of them too) that was WAY advanced and a landscape mode that allowed the user to travel across the WHOLE Greyhawk world. Thats why it was canned, it was too advanced, it was better than anything ever seen, Gary Gigax even looked at it and said that it was the best representation of AD&D that he had ever seen. Politics stopped us, that’s the bottom line.

Bottom line, A classic game was canned because we did more and better than anyone had ever seen, they owend the source code at the time, hence it was never released. Talk to USGOLD if you need a demo.”

Paul Crawley.

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