Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A very big thanks to Mauricio Muñoz Lucero for highlighting this one for us. Tidemarsh is a game which has recently surfaced thanks to the author of Warhawk digging out his unreleased software whilst he develops the new Warhawk game on the DS.

Tidemarsh is a simple monocrome Robotron type of game which was written after Warhawk for Mastertronic. The game was bought to be worked into one of their Arcadia cabinets (Not sure if in its current form), but it never quite happened.

The game is pretty much complete – but lacking on sound. Overall its a quite enjoyable game – though as Michael mentioned on his forum – its a bit of a Marmite game, where some love and some hate it. I’d agree with his friend that this is one of his best games along with Warhawk and Dr Bazair ’92 (Its sequel which also didn’t get released).

We hope to hear a bit more from Michael about the development in the future, but here it is … A great little game!!

More soon on this game we hope…

Contributions: Mauricio Muñoz Lucero, Michael Ware

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