Top-Hole Golf

Matthew Clarke

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Sadly our next entry is for a game that wasn’t abandoned many years ago, but was only abandoned around a year ago. A recent and new development during an exciting time for C64 users.

Top-Hole Golf was being produced by Matthew Clarke, and was a really nice Leaderboard style game. It seems it was in development for a few years, and the developer had a Gitlab page up for the game with all the source code.

The game was based on an earlier 2017 game competition entry called Beechings Golf and Country Club. More details can be found in the Lemon64 thread about this link.

The developer decided that they didn’t want to do any C64 development any more or any other type of development, classing his game as abandonware. It is really sad to hear this, and a shame that someone of Matthew’s talent has decided to call it a day in general. Hopefully he may reconsider some day after a break.

Thanks to the anonymous contributor who flagged up the manual, which we have added here. We have also added the source archive which was flagged up to us by Zzarko, Dan and LiqMatrix after a 1.6 release was made in March 2022.

For now, check out what was a nice and exciting golf game – sadly now never to be.

Contributions: Jazzcat, Zzarko, Dan, LiqMatrix

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Update history

  • 20/03/22 – Added source code and 1.6 version thanks to Zzarko, Dan and LiqMatrix
  • 08/03/22 – Added link to previous game thanks to LiqMatrix.
  • 06/03/22 – Added manual.
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